Current Scrap Metal Prices Australia

Have you ever toyed with the idea of making money selling scrap metal?  Scrap metal prices may vary depending on the liquidity of the market.  The good thing about making money from scrap metal is that you don’t have to do it full time.  You can make it a pass time hobby and it will automatically translate into a money making venture.  For you to fully benefit from the hobby, you will need to be abreast with metal scrap price.  Collecting scrap metal is a very easy thing to do and a lot of people take it for granted.  All you have to do is to take a walk around and you will see how empty cans have scattered everywhere.

Prices for scrap metal per pound may differ depending on the geographical location you are in. Scrap metal selling has become popular among many people over the years but it is unfortunate that it has not been fully exploited. If you are thinking on ways to make money, then selling scrap metal can be a noble business idea. No starting capital is required and the beauty of it all is that you can do it as a hobby. The world is becoming diverse in the way people make money. You should not be ashamed to say that you earn extra money selling scrap.

Prices for scrap metal per pound are very competitive various parts of the world. If you have decided to trade in metals then there are some factor that should be given priority and one is the market that you are engage in. The market will determine your success or failure in the trade. Majority of the people are not conversant with the prices of scrap metal prices. The price per pound as I have said earlier will depend on the market.

There are two common markets that are given due consideration when talking about the metal industry. They are the American metal market and the UK Metal market. You cannot mention about the metal market without touching on the two. We will compare the rate on metal per pound in the two markets. In the UK for example, aluminium is 1.0011 on the higher side. The price for scrap metal per pound is subject to change.

Here you will discover the present scrap metal prices in Australia. Generally, scrap metal prices differ based on location and material. As a result we provide a selection of unique rates for all of your several types of scrap metal across various different regions. We’ve got the current scrap metal prices for alloy dealers in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, NSW, Gold Coast, Victoria as well as at a number of other cities in Australia. The most profitable scrap metals include copper, aluminium, brass, metal, iron, lead, gold, silver and indeed from car batteries or copper pipes too.

The metal you collect may be of insignificant value at first maybe because of their weight, but over the long run you have yourself bulk metal to sell.  Let’s say you collect 50 pounds of scrap metal, aluminium to be precise, you will be having $12 after completion of the sale.  You can think of it as peanuts but when looked at with the future in mind, then the benefits are worth your time and exploitation.

If you have decided to pursue this unique and interesting hobby, the next question is always where to find this scrap metals.  A good place to start searching is in your neighbourhood.  This is due to the fact that the likelihood of each household disposing a piece of metal on a fortnight basis is very high. Metal scrap price guide should direct on the selling of the metals.

Scrap metals are metals that are usually damaged or no longer useful in objects, machine or appliances. Many recycling companies will pay good prices for such metals locally and internationally.

Millions of pounds of scrap metal are produced every day and selling/buying it requires only modest investment and knowledge which includes the prices of valuable scrap metals. Below you will find Scrap Metal Prices in Australia.


Metal recycling prices may differ depending on the type of metal in question. There are many types of metals that exist. Extraction of metals is not a very easy thing and it requires skilled manpower and expertise in order to make the venture a success. Of all the recycling metals, aluminium has the highest value. This is due to the fact that aluminium is widely used in many industries. In our current world, we are concerned about environmental conservation. Metals do not compose easily and that is why they should be recycled. It is interesting know that you can develop a hobby just from collecting metals and also earn some income in the process. This very easy thing to do because all you have to do is to take a walk in your neighbourhood and you will witness for yourself the amount of scattered metals.

You could set a time, maybe once in a week just for the collection of metals. Within a month’s time, you backyard will be full of scrap metal and you will be smiling all the way to the bank. Metals recycling prices are known to be changing most of the time and that is why very opportunity should be seen as scrap collecting opportunity. The more you collect the more money you are likely to collect from the sales. This is a moneymaking opportunity that should not be wasted at all costs. Metal recycling prices may differ depending on the geographical region you are in and it is advisable to research on the price first.

Metal Prices

The price of metal has undergone a lot of changes over the years. The price today is not the same as it was yesterday as the market is very active and uncertain. The metal industry is said to be a thriving one with growth turn around translating to millions of dollars. There are several parts of metals that are involved in this lucrative trade and among them include, iron, aluminium, chrome, antimony, cobalt, platinum, silver, geranium, gold, zinc and vanadium.

The metal price may differ depending on the type of metal in question and the location that it is being sold. With regards to geographical location, there are common known markets and they are;

The America Metal market

The American metal market is diverse and highly lucrative at the same time. The industry is involved with mining of metals just from the onset, that is, manufacturing, processing, distribution and ultimately what we are concerned about, the sales. There also exist robust online markets where emphasis is placed on daily trades and has attracted a large group of followers.

London Metal Exchange

London has been synonymous in metal trade since time immemorial. This is because Britain is considered to be the epitome of industrial revolution and it is in the same period that metals were discovered. The metals were the building block to the economy. The sale of metals is not a new phenomenon among UK citizens.

Global Market

The global market takes place on a virtual interface. It is said to be the future of the metal industry. The prices of metal will always vary depending on the economic situation.

Metal exchange prices vary depending on the market that is being sold in. The metal industry has become very lucrative therefore considered a safe haven for investors who have surplus money. There are a number of metals that are available for trading and the most common ones are the precious metals. This is because they are very lucrative and their prices are high. Metals are considered the new in- thing when it comes to investing. This is facilitated by the fact that the risks are low and the stakes are very high. The trend is certain to continue because of the volatility of the stock market. If you have decided to invest in the metal market, there are things that you have to put into consideration and they include;

i) Knowledge on metals

You may downplay this but knowledge is very important when it comes trading in metals. You should be abreast of the history of the metals in questions and also their prices in the recent past. Metal exchange prices just like the stock exchange are known to change over the hour and you can make big losses and profits in equal proportion.

ii) When to trade

When to trade is integral for successful metal trading. Just like the stock exchange, the metal market has stipulated time where high volumes of trade take place. As an investor, the said time should work with to your advantage. Metal exchange prices should act as a guide when selecting the metals to trade in.

Types Of Scrap Metals And Their Prices:

Different scrap metals have different prices depending on their demand and quality. Below we will discuss the different scrap metal prices and how rare/in demand they are.

Salvage Metal Prices

We all know the meaning of salvage and if you don’t know then to salvage in simply terms is to save what that has remained. Salvage metal prices are supposed to be alternative to the high metal prices. The metal market has become very lucrative and it is how it is becoming popular among many people worldwide. If you want to benefit from this new and untapped money making opportunity, then the salvage metal prices can really come in handy. You are probably wondering why this is important. Well, for starters, the metal prices are not the identical in all the markets that there are. This is the main reason why the prices can come in handy. They will help you compare prices among the known markets so that assist you in decision making. There are several place you can find information on the metal prices and the easiest is on the internet. With just the click of a button, you can peruse through the best prices on the market.

If you are planning to make huge on selling metal, then it is advisable that you diversify in the metals you collect. This will ensure that you reduce the risks while maximising the profits. Apart from the usual buying and selling of metals, you could also collect scrap. Environmental conservation has been a major challenge in the 21st century. You could help conserve the environment by collecting scrap and also benefiting monetarily at the same time. In general salvage metal prices should guide you when selling metals.

Scrap Copper Prices:

Copper is one of the most popular scrap metals that has been used for decades in various instruments/machines etc. It’s certainly one of the metals that you should be keeping a lookout for. Copper is mostly found in wiring, kitchenware and old types of equipment.


Scrap Aluminium Prices:

Aluminum is an extremely easy to find metal that is used in everything from cars, Packaging, Electronics, Pipes, etc. In fact, It is the 2nd most produced metal on the planet second only to Iron.  Though it does not have the highest value per pound it makes up for it by how easily available it is in Australia.


Scrap Iron Prices:

Iron is the most produced metal on the planet. Since it is cheap to produce and considerably durable, It is the bedrock of the industrial era. Since it is so common and cheap to produce, It does not have as much value but due to its abundance it’s certainly something that you should be keeping your eye on.


Scrap Zinc Prices:

Zinc is a metal that isn’t as common since it is significantly harder to mine and produce and hence, Sells at a high price. Although it is not something that is usually very profitable to recycle it is still useful to note that it’s mostly used for Galvanising and a substitute for lead in some situations.


Scrap Brass Prices:

Brass is a metal that is easy to acquire and can be sold for a relatively good price. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is known for its Golden color. It is usually used in musical instruments due to their anti-corrosive and acoustic properties. They are also used in appliances that are found in kitchens and household fittings.


Scrap Steel Prices:

Scrap steel is one of the most important metals of the modern world. It is used in almost every industry from building towers to ships to spoons. Due to its commonality its not something that can be sold for a good price but its certainly easy to acquire which makes it something you should look out for so that you can sell it in bulk.


Price Of Scrap Tin:

Tin is usually used in soldering and alloys. It is a very common material but is hard to extract in its raw form though it is possible that one can scrap off the tin from electronic components that have a lot of soldering done to them.


Scrap metal prices are subject to change depending on the supply and demand